See No Evil, Hear No Evil

Copyright 2014 Totsymae

Copyright 2014 Totsymae

I don’t talk about serious stuff here all that much. I mean, I do at times but I do it my way and you folks can get as serious as you want. Whatever floats your boat, I say, keep sailing. This is a kick your feet up and relax blog. Long as you’re cool with me, I’m gonna be cool right back with you.

In the vein of the trees in Eden, the world is a place of good and evil. Whereas folks may not show mercy toward one another, God will, which is why He’s God and not us. Maybe you’re not one to believe in a higher power at all. Maybe your belief is that we get recycled back onto the planet as a flower or a frog. Hey, long as your boat’s sailing and you believe in the direction it’s going, I’m not here to argue your point, or mine either, really.

I tell you what though, if I had to come back to life in any kinda way, I’m real okay with staying wherever I end up. I mean, folk get on my nerves and I don’t want a second chance at life for that to happen. If I absolutely had to return, I’d hope I was so good in my life that I would have some leverage to bargain with God. Know what I mean? I can see myself now, sighing, throwing my hands up and saying, “Ok Lord, make me a rock. I just don’t wanna feel a thing.” I’m serious. I don’t even wanna be a pretty rock. Just a plain ole, everyday rock.

The idea of returning to the human species is scary. I mean, there are some good folk in the world and all but they’re getting more weird and subversive by the minute. Not to mention plain ole evil. You can give folk all the chances you want in your mind but what you see is often what you get these days. And have mercy on you if you don’t see it coming or be foolish enough to ignore it. The government is corrupt. Cops are shooting to kill. Women are dating men folk and three months later, the boyfriend’s killed the child. Down here, a woman in local government gets a preacher man to help her embezzle thousands of tax payer money to go on vacations and get car repairs and whatnot. Society is heading toward moral bankruptcy. I don’t know. Maybe we’ve always been there and the internet makes it all more transparent. Sad thing is, we make so many excuses by co-signing to foolishness. Fred wasn’t on his meds today. Jimmy is a great father and would never purposely leave his child in a hot car to die. Blahsay this and Blahsay that. 

Yeah, just make me a rock.



















24 thoughts on “See No Evil, Hear No Evil

  1. There are certainly more and more days when I’d rather not be associated with the human race. Then I’ll read a “feel good” story about folks helping others out or a stranger returning a wallet with family photos or something. I have to wonder if the problem is that we FOCUS on the bad stuff – that’s what makes the news, and the news is cool. So if you WANT to be “important” you do the bad stuff, and the good stuff just gets lost in the shuffle. Wouldn’t the world be a better place, not if we turned our backs on the bad stuff, but if we only glamorized the good?


    • I’d like to not focus on the stuff we’re inundated with, there are times I turn the news off. Like now, since I have no cable and all. I’m feeling a tad Amish right about now, actually. Perhaps I’ll spread some good news in my next post. Let me think…I hope it won’t be hard.


  2. But rocks feel, too! And people kick them around. I hope if God hears and grants your request that you return as an immovable mountain that people gaze upon, majestically.

    As for me, since you didn’t ask, I want to be a dolphin. Sans any nearby fishing nets.


  3. Totsy, you say what many of us are thinking, and you put it so well. Frank, honest and non threatening. What have we wrought on ourselves? Where did the planet go so wrong? I think you’re right though. There’s always been a dark side to humanity. We see it more because we live in a global village. We’re more aware, not just of our own little corner of the world, but across the planet. There’s no hiding from it. By the way, I just saw Fruitvale Station. Have you seen it? I cried for the Oscars of the world. There’ve been so many.


  4. Nice Totsy!

    Your words hit upon the walls and halls of Silence.

    What comes to mind is that each one of us are here to dispel the untruths of the world as we know it today. Vultures gather where there is food. What would we feed in our own consciousness and in our own lives?

    We are the ones that are breathing the air on this Beautiful Planet Earth, how else can change be actuated if not by the ones right here and right now? History is in the making of each one of our decisions.


    • Thank you. And I’m contemplating what service I can provide to make provide to make change. I do that in my job actually but I still feel there’s something more I’m here to actualize. Thank you for reminding me of that. It can be discouraging but we have to keep going on the path(s) designed for us.

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  5. I have been told recently and repeatedly, “People are simply stupid”. I have been told this each time I ask, “How could someone do that”, so a plethora of things people do that I don’t understand. I finally agree. I think you are on to something my friend. I think if I must come back, either send me back as an insect with a very short life span, or like you make me a rock.


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