Living on the Edge

Watercolor and Ink. Copyright 2012 Totsymae/

Watercolor and Ink. Copyright 2012 Totsymae

Ask me, “Totsy, since you’re trying to be economically smart and all, how’s it going without cable?” Well, being that you’re ever so concerned, I have to tell you, it’s not going well at all. I mean, I think I’m getting over the withdrawal but I have to admit, which I’m very ashamed of, Comcast is scheduled to hook me up tomorrow. Well, for folk who’ve kicked cable in the rear, you may say, “Boooooo, Totsy!” Of which I’d say with a rather snooty air in a country British accent, “Whatever.”

I’ll also go ahead and tell you that I’m cancelling the hook-up and go on to say, I’ve had some nice, quiet and sometimes, desperate moments with myself. Yesterday, I watched a video I never opened on the biography of Jackson Pollock. Today, it was Return to Me and Enough Said. You see, despite me talking like some tough southerner whom you may envision wearing steel pot hats and whatnot, I love a good romantic film. I even thought to buy a romance novel but I decided on another genre.

I suppose writing is eminent with no TV. I’ll also tell you I bought antennas from two different stores and neither worked out to where I could watch regular TV. It’s like…prison. I’ve never been inside one but I’ve seen enough prison-type movies to know you have to think about yourself a lot when there’s no noise around. You go to bed at a decent hour ’cause there’s no TV and you feel…so…alone. I’m looking real forward to mail these days ’cause I get lotsa magazines with cute, muscular men in them and well…this must be kinda what prison feels like, with the exception that I don’t have a girlfriend.

Having no TV must also be akin to being in a mental institution too ’cause I’m talking to myself a lot more. Not out loud but I do kinda wonder if my face reads that a conversation is going on in my head. I figure there must be some rehab group for what I’m going through. I can’t be the only one. And while I’m not exactly conversing with myself verbally, I am laughing out loud. What in the hell’s up with that?



15 thoughts on “Living on the Edge

  1. I was going to sell my computer, so I created an online ad, reset the computer to factory settings, and then didn’t turn it on for more than two days. It was fine, and my only reason for using it again is that nobody phoned to offer to buy it, so I don’t think anyone wants to. They’re the smart ones, because I’m the idiot who bought the computer in the first place.


  2. Hey Totsy! How sweet the thoughts!

    I have one for you too, that is Space. I know that I am speaking to the choir here, of course, but space is all around us over us and in us, and just saying, if we could take all the atoms in our bodies and divide the space from the form, it would be about 99% space that fills our bodies. Science.

    My thought is that it is nice to connect to that. Though to do that we kind of need to leave a space in our minds and hearts for it to sink in so to speak. That is why we seem to be prompted to allow that space to be there, not to be separated from what is going on, but to connect to what is going on, in Reality… ha!

    It seems to me that using the computer, watching a movie, writing, working, playing…are other means of connecting and allowing the Source of the Space to connect with other ones, and the more that we allow that space in our minds and hearts the more it seems we have a realization of our ability to share.

    Have a beautiful morning!


  3. I recognise that feeling; when the power grid goes down and there is nothing to do but talk or read, I find enforced reading to be less enjoyable than picking up a book because I don’t want to watch TV or surf the net.

    That talking to yourself thing? You say that like it isn’t normal. Isn’t it normal? I’m always talking to myself (sometimes I chastise myself in my head). All in all – you go ahead and talk to yourself – just don’t lose the arguments you have in your own head!

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  4. Tots, so are you going back to cable or not? I can’t let go. Baby Boomers were born to watch. We even had a TV in the womb! In fact, I just added a pay channel to my service so I can watch the new, time-travel romantic adventure series, Outlander. Did I mention the romance and how hot the male lead is? Yep, I’m a TV addict and proud of it.


  5. So funny. Reminds me of the time many years ago when I was living alone and trying to save money. Bought an antenna and had my brother crawl on my roof to install. Didn’t work out. Some channels were fuzzy so I got the cable. I really wish you could pick and chose what you pay for. I get a gazillion channels and watch about 8….maybe. All the rest are just there costing money.


  6. Not the antennas! Two, at that? Ooh lawd! I can completely do without TV. If it wasn’t for the Mister and boy with their ESPN and the girls with DisDumbney, I wouldn’t have it. I’m an NPR kinda gal living in a TV world. (I love the drone of radio.) I do rent Netflix DVDs though. Just saw Finding Vivian Maier and The Lunchbox, and received Blue Jasmine which I haven’t yet opened.


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