The Lost Art of Common Sense



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Well, I don’t know all that much if it’s an art or not. I was thinking it was God-given and something you picked up on your way through life. I’ll also add that it’s the best innermost friend you have.

Sometimes, we don’t listen to our friends though. At times, we abandon all sense of good thought or reason when we get caught in our mess. In some cases, Common Sense gets mixed up with Opinion, especially when other folk get involved. You know, like the times you don’t trust your own thoughts, which in some folk cases, they shouldn’t. Which is why I’ve come up with a small business to market common sense. Figuring that everything else is being sold, selling common sense could be a hot commodity. Being that my business would be public and on the NYSE, nobody would have an excuse to not have any. The return on investment would be so high, I see myself surpassing Bill Gates’ bank account.

There will be different levels of common sense, however, ’cause everybody’s not at the same place in life at the same time, as you well know. Of course, the idea is to get folk to buy at all levels. Amazing that no one’s branded such a product, don’t you think? I’m deliberating on an internet subscription. This way, there’s anonymity. Folk won’t have to be embarrassed by going to AA type meetings to openly confess their foolishness. They could, however, communicate via online forums with their usernames, passwords and whatnot.

The whole interesting part of the forums would be folk thinking they’ve got more common sense than somebody else and seeing the type arguments they’d have. This being the case, the system would be set up to automatically bump folk down a level, thinking they’ve got more sense than somebody else, along with the folk who really do have less common sense, for arguing invalid points. Naturally, this would keep folk subscribing as lifetime members. Or maybe not. Maybe they’ll  do what they were doing before their subscription and opt out of common sense.


14 thoughts on “The Lost Art of Common Sense

  1. LOL, common sense really is a lost art, a bit like old fashioned letter writing. There is also a slight possibility that I’m getting older and observing that the world seems to have lost all sense may just be apart of the process. Regardless, if you haven’t got any common sense, get off my lawn! And pull your darn pants up too, that looks stupid.


    • Yeah, with time. what made sense at 20 changes 20 years later. I never got the sagging pants phenomenon. Seems such a hindrance to keep with pulling and walking wide-legged and whatnot. I guess more about fashion sense than what I’m trying to sell.


    • I do remember my mom telling me when they were younger, her sister did something on the dumb side and their grandmother asked, “Don’t you have any common sense?” Her response was to hunch her shoulders ’cause she’d never heard of sucha thing. I think for the folk who don’t know what it is must be very strong candidates. A free trial is all they need to get locked in.


  2. Love it, Totsy! I’d like to buy me some stock in your new business. I mean, it’s just plain common sense that this is going to take off like wild fire, being that there’s too many people in the world that could benefit from a little common sense.


  3. Fabulous idea! I love the notion of bumping folks down a level. Folks just don’t know how dumb they are until another person, once thought dumber than they, put them on blast. This is a business idea that is sure to take off! Go for it!


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