Movie Flashback: Claudine

I’m in the mood for watching movies that premiered back in the day. Now, I’ve never seen Claudine. It stars Diahann Carroll and James Earl Jones. I don’t remember how I came to be interested in seeing this movie but I found myself watching parts of it on YouTube.

Anyway, Claudine is about a single mother  on government assistance and straddled down with six younguns. That’s about the most I can tell you, other than her getting herself a little boyfriend and the government’s all up inside and sideways in her personal affairs. I have this movie on order from Amazon. You may even be able to find it on NetFlix.

I think one of the reasons I’m drawn to this movie is that, like Claudine, the characters I create in my work also have it kinda rough. That they’re so badly flawed, by their own making or otherwise, makes them that more appealing to write about. Too, I feel a need to acquaint myself with works that will inspire me ’cause I don’t feel it at all these days. More about that later, however. Maybe. Or not, if this passes soon.

You can also watch a clip of Ms. Carroll’s interview regarding the movie.