See, What Happened Was…


Here’s what’s happening, folks. Since I switched my blog over to another address, I migrated the followers from here to there. I’m not 100% how it’ll come out in the end but I had to let you know that. Hope you don’t mind. This blog expires next year and will be up ’til then. In the meantime, I wrote a beautiful article on Sarah Palin. Click here to read.

More Music and Art & a Little Less Talk

I have another game. First, I have to tell you the answer to the previous game we played. The image in that post for the first game is a portrait of Marilyn Monroe. The music artist is Sheila E. Did the words of the song match up with her life a little? They did to me. Anyhow, Sheila E is one helluva drummer and always looks sexy while doing it. The E stands for Escovedo and her father is Pete Escovedo, also a musician. If you’re familiar with Prince, you may recognize the Minneapolis sound. If you don’t know Prince’s music, you have been terribly deprived and I feel so deeply sorry for you. Congrats to Linda, at The Good, The Bad, The Worse. She guessed everything right. She is one hip diva. Not that the rest of you aren’t. She’s just probably more hip or something like that. She probably takes diva pills or wears a patch. Who knows…

Anyhow, watch Sheila E perform Glamorous Life and do her thing on the drums in this video:

To go on with our game today, we’re recognizing another musical talent. I surely hope you haven’t been deprived twice. If so, I’m gonna have to write out a bootleg prescription for some Get A Life. I just had me some the other day. The low dosage, that is. It really should be easy, folks. ¬†For the prize, I’m gonna blow you a nice little kiss.

He Told It on the Mountain

"James Baldwin" Watercolor on paper. Copyright 2013 Totsymae

“James Baldwin” Watercolor on paper. Copyright 2013 Totsymae

I used to read James Baldwin in high school. I didn’t understand much about what I read but I did with time and age. I’d long before discovered other African-American writers in 7th grade. When I came upon them, because they weren’t introduced to me early on in school, I thought I came upon a gold mine.

Now, Baldwin was quite eloquent with language. I thought I was smart for reading his work. He was also the writer to challenge Maya Angelou to write her biography as literature. She met the challenge and I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings was born.

My aunt, whose husband was in the military, met Baldwin in Paris, where he relocated. He was downright tired of the racism in America and lived out his days in France. I don’t know if my aunt was at his apartment or where she was when she met him. I knew that must’ve been a treat for her because she was sharp and worked at the Library of Congress where folk register their titles.

If you think you might delve into Baldwins’ work, try If Beale Street Could Talk, which I found to be an easier read than his later works. You may also be interested in his essays. Folk who read essays are real smart, I think. I read them sometimes, therefore, I’m smart some of the time too.

I’m not sure when Baldwin appeared on this particular episode of Dave Cavett’s show. He was, however, speaking for the time. Not only was Mr Baldwin a novelist and essayist, he also wrote plays. One was entitled Go Tell It on the Mountain.

You can learn more about James Baldwin at