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  1. Your art work is amazing! The images are so vivid….I loved the Young MJ note card on your card site. I’m looking forward to keeping up with you on your blog! So glad we connected on She writes.


  2. Hi Totsaymae,
    I’m a writer. I like engaging with other talented writers–so there you go! Facebook introduced me to your work. It came through DuEwa Frazier’s page, so I checked it out. From what I’ve read of your work, you’re quite talented. I read where you’re writing a novel, and being a novelist/playwright, I think you have the potential to become a terrific one!
    From what I’ve read, this blogspot is ideal for you. It’s not my thing: I’m too private.


    • Denis,

      I appreciate you visiting my blog. Your comments have made my day! I’m even more inspired to begin writing in my “clean” studio tomorrow. Thank you for reaching out and expressing your thoughts. You can’t, well, maybe you can, imagine how good I feel to have this kind of support, Please stay in touch. And happy writing to you!


  3. Totsy Mae,
    Throw the book at you?–now that was hirlariously funny! This is coming from a preacher’s son. I’ve been around church folk all my life, so I know sumptin’ ’bout them too! And my father, needless to say, preached from the bible, but never made me read it all the way through–thank God!!
    By the way, I’ve enjoyed all your posts this week.


    • Good to know you had a laugh. So, you know EXACTLY where I’m coming from. Now that I look back on it, I wonder how DID I sleep through all of that.

      Actually, I use the blog as a forum to help shape my voice. I’m just beginning the writing process again and felt a little rusty. Trying to get there…


  4. Tosh,
    OMG! Thanks for the Blogger Nomination. I really appreciate it! Your art is AMAZING, and I love your writing. Totsy is HOTSY! Hopefully, after I get the kiddos down tonight, I will pass along the nom, and tell ya seven things about me.


  5. Thanks to a Google alert attached to my name I was led to your beautiful tribute to Kim and her sister Kay. Thank you for choosing my words about healing to be part of your post. I am going to share your work and Kims on my Facebook page called “Tornado Warning” (named after my book from which the quote comes)…but wanted to first reach out and thank you. I love the video–watching the imagery come to life is very moving.


    • I must thank you for saying such powerful words. Kim loved it and so did I. I almost snagged your photo too. 🙂 I’ll look for you on Facebook and thank you for sharing the message.


  6. As I commented on one of your posts, I just wandered in here by accident and I love this place, writing and artwork both. Now I suppose I’ll have to keep coming back and making flattering comments. It’s a lot of work, ya know? Got anything to eat around here? I love the drawing of yourself that use on every post. I’ll be right back, somebody at the door.


  7. My soulmate is at 636 b Mehandru at Jersey Shore Medical Center and has had pancreatic cancer surgery. Keep us in your thoughts. Love your message.


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