Real LoBudget Films

Here, you will find animatics, which are storyboards with film characteristics, such as movement and sound. Be my guest in sharing them. You can even have me to produce and promote for you if you’re into this kinda thing. Get scenes done for your book release  or product to give your brand a signature look with images designed specifically for all your hard work. Contact me via, the what? Contact page or email Right on, right on…


The following are a coupla trailers for Sincerely, Beatrice, a webcomic I created in the course of blogging. Beatrice’s blog posts are in their own category, listed under Beatrice from Apt 7B.


Being high maintenance and whatnot, Beatrice can transform into quite the drama queen.


Occasionally, I will create art videos with music. Most times, it’s relaxation I’m going for and here are two of them.

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