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Here’s what’s happening, folks. Since I switched my blog over to another address, I migrated the followers from here to there. I’m not 100% how it’ll come out in the end but I had to let you know that. Hope you don’t mind. This blog expires next year and will be up ’til then. In the meantime, I wrote a beautiful article on Sarah Palin. Click here to read.

Catwalking with First Ladies

catwalking bea

You didn’t think I’d let Women’s History Month slip past without a word, did you? Leave it to moi, the queen bee, to keep you relevant and in style with women of class. Numero uno is me, baby. That’s right. I’m the style icon at the local Cheesecake Factory in the ATL and Totsy’s subdivision. Yes people, you must claim your fame wherever you can until you can do better, alright? I can walk with my head up without a tummy tuck because I am beautifully luscious as I am. Snap, snap, spin. Catch me before I fall, people. I’m dizzy now.

I know that you know Michelle Obama’s the most stylish First Lady since Jackie O. The other first ladies did what they could and we got through it. I have to say Nancy Reagan was fashionable too. Snap, snap Nance. You did that. And while we’re talking first ladies, I have to say Olivia Pope, you’re one chick who can wear a white coat and work a business like nobody’s business, okay? Yes, I get that you’re a TV character but I have to take my sunglasses off and give a shout out because I’m all about that life. You feel what I’m saying?

And too, while we’re talking Olivia, I do want you and Fitz to stop it with all this “I can’t breathe without you” talk. Of course, you can. You slept with Jake, who’s living in your apartment and taking off his shirt in front of you. I say, keep going for it girlfriend. I will if you won’t, okay? He’s single and you need to mingle to get that tingle with someone you’re evenly yoked with, as in available.

Oh my, time flies and I’ve veered off course on my subject matter here. Oh, well. Enjoy the catwalk with these lovely first ladies and I’ll catch you backstage before my Vegas show. You didn’t get a backstage pass? Call my manager. His office is at Starbucks where he’s trying to hook up with that free wifi, okay?

Fashionably Yours,

Beatrice from Apartment 7B

Jackie Kennedy. Google Image

Jackie Kennedy. Google Image

Nancy Reagan. Google Image.

Nancy Reagan. Google Image.

Michelle Obama. Google Image.

Michelle Obama. Google Image.


It’s Okay If You Call Me Bossy

"Yack" Watercolor on paper. Copyright 2014 Totsymae (

“Yack” Watercolor on paper. Copyright 2014 Totsymae 

I’m disappointed. A little confused even. I’m trying to figure out what’s so wrong with calling women bossy. I mean, some are. It’s not the worse thing a woman can be called. How can you ban a word and why would you want to?

You know what, women folk? Sucking meat from teeth. Y’all are really starting to get on my nerves. You whine too much. You’re way too sensitive and you always want something. Look, you wanted equal rights, so now you get a little of what men folk been getting. Don’t get out here in the work world acting all tough and soon as somebody call you a name, you go to flinching like some damsel in distress. I mean, this whole banning thing sounds either premenstrual or menopausal. Take your pick according to which stage of life you’re in.

Flicking lighter to fire up cigarette. It’s always something with you women folk. You want contraception, the morning after pill, men to help with domestic stuff, a woman president (which I’m fully and whole-heartedly against, by the way), planned parenthood and yaddah freakin’ yaddah. You just don’t get a word removed from folk vocabulary. I like the word bossy. All it means to me is a person who gets things done. I mean, if you women folk are against the word and all and you’re proponents for equal rights, get it banned for men too. Better yet, get prick banned and all those other derogatory terms that mean so much worse than bossy. What about slut? Those kinda folk work at the office too, you know. 

And what happens if the word’s banned and somebody says it anyway? Will it come down to something like a sexual harassment suit? I can’t imagine being cross-examined or being involved in such a case. But you know the root issue, right? This wouldn’t be a conversation today if women folk had just stayed barefoot and pregnant and somebody wasn’t trying to sell a book. Scratching unshaven underarm.

Prime Time TV: Archie, George and Race

This is the second post in the Archie Bunker series that addresses relevant topics. While race relations have come a long way, there is still more work ahead of us. There will always be work to be done.

What would Archie have said about America electing an African-American president? What makes Archie and George’s way of thinking about race relevant today? Are the conversations we have amongst one another and with our children helping to bridge how we view race? Share your experiences and thank you for joining in.

Prime Time TV: Archie Bunker on Democrats

If you’re familiar with All in the Family, you know that Archie Bunker  not only made the show, he was the show. He was an amalgamation of many folks, two of them being a racist and male chauvinist. He was so believable in what he stood for that he was one of those TV folk one loved to hate. One thing for sure, he provoked a consciousness of thought about topical subjects that are still relevant  today.

Initially, when I was going for my Masters, my thesis was based on 1970’s shows and the lack of black visibility; how those images, if portrayed as African-American, or Negro at that time, would’ve affected the black psyche or self-image. Turned out, I ended up not mastering in art but in another field. Though, I kinda always wonder how my work would’ve turned out ’cause I still have the paintings I started during my brief stint as an MFA student.

While I won’t exhibit those paintings here (cause they’re in oil and would take awhile still to complete),what I aim to do is take some of those topics, showing Archie in typical form. Here’s one you may have some opinions about.


"Ugh" Digital Art  /  2013 Copyright  / Totsymae

“Ugh” Digital Art / 2013 Copyright / Totsymae

It’s been a long week and I’m real glad to see this weekend. However, my brain is still in work mode. I’m always thinking when I’m supposed to be resting but I should be cleaning up around here. Or doing the laundry. Or getting a massage. Or something close to nothing. I can’t decide. A woman’s work is never done, especially when she doesn’t do her work.

Though, enough nonsense talk. Folks, we’re about to go to war again. Now, I can’t speak on the Syria situation with detail. I just know we’re close to fighting again and I can’t tell you how tired I am of it. I used to wonder about those Middle Eastern parts of the world and thought how is it they don’t run outta folks with all that fighting for umpteen years. I can now see that there’ll always be plenty of folk who wanna go at it.

I do understand the U.S. is sleeping with the enemy, depending on who’s side you’re on. Though, I don’t understand this other part. If Russia’s Syria’s ally, why won’t they call Syria out. It’s like two friends and one being frank about a situation when the other one’s cuttin’ a fool. Say if that friend is you and I’m sitting in the window shooting BBs from my little gun for no good reason, other than to cut the fool. Somebody I shoot gets hot around the collar and wanna shoot me back. Why, according this this current situation, you’d come to my defense no matter how wrong I am, and commence to defending me. Am I making sense?

That’s how gangs operate, right? On the streets, it’s called gang-banging.

In politics, it’s war. We even give them memorable names…World War I…Spanish American War…Desert Storm…’Cause we have to justify foolishness and greed.

May I Run A Few Questions by You?

Remember me telling you about the PBS special, Race 2012? Well, it’s that time and every Tuesday, up until election day, is when I’ll publish an article relating to the topic of race and politics. Do make sure you tune in to the program, which will be aired on October 16th. I’ll keep you posted, of course but I also want you to be proactive, folks. That’s critical in these uncertain times. So, check your local listing, folks and look for Race 2012: A Conversation About Race & Politics in America.

Of course, the purpose of this is to have a forum for open and honest dialogue and since we’re all grown folk around here, we can do that, right? I thought so.

Monica, of Monica’s Tangled Web, invited me. Just so you know I’m not making this up. Okay? The Race 2012 Blogging Project Begins is the proof that I’m not. Now…If you’d so kindly oblige me, I have a few questions…

“Race in America” Watercolor on paper. Copyright 2012 Totsymae/

Are you voting this year? You most certainly will? May I ask you where we are with race relations in America? Are we getting better? What makes you think so? How do you think folks who don’t look like you feel about where we are on this matter? Do you ever empathize on that? What makes them feel that way? You think we’re getting better ’cause we’ve got an African American president? What kind of president did you say you want?  Does your president have to look like you or can he look like me? Does it matter how he looks at all? Are you sure? How much of a factor has race played into the political game in the last four years?  Do you feel as if your president represents you regardless of color? Can you expound on why you feel that way? Ever have conversations about race among friends and family? Would you care to share snippets of those  conversations? So, you think not talking about race makes it all better? How does that happen? Has it been working for you? Why do you think folk want to have this conversation? We need to just move on? Okay. If I may ask a handful of other questions, can I ask you what folks mean when they say we want to take our country back? Why are they so angry when they say that? Do you feel the same way? Do you think there’s a racial divide in America? You don’t see one? Do your friends who don’t look like you see one? You just want us all to get along? How can we get along if we don’t talk?

Here are a few other participants in the Race 2012 blogging campaign:

Monica’s Tangled Web

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Somer Empress

Destination Unknown

We’re Off to the Races, Folks

“Sing, America” Collage/Watercolor on paper. Copyright 2012 Totsymae/Background Text: I, Too, Sing America by Langston Hughes

Now that both conventions are over, we’re on the campaign trails of President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. I, ladies and gentleman folks, have been invited to participate in a PBS special, Race 2012, by Monica Medina of Monica’s Tangled Web. I’m so excited about this invitation ’cause it gives me a creative opportunity to write and compose new art applicable to a pivotal time in our history. Thank you again, Monica.

With that said, I hope you’ll join me for a series of posts, starting October 2 and each Tuesday thereafter, leading to the election as I delve into race and politics in the way that I try to do. Honestly. I’m even considering taking Beatrice from Apt. 7B along with me. I could use the company out here on the trail. As long as she’s not trying to take over, she can hang. Know what I’m saying?

I know folks from other countries occasion this little blog, so you’re more than welcome to hone in. Race and elections aren’t just an American thing, you know. I look forward to your thoughts, whatever they may be. Also, there will be other bloggers and artists joining in, so you’ll get to hear more folk than me. I’ll add links to my Tuesday posts so you won’t be out there in virtual wonderland not knowing where to go after you leave my place. Okay? You won’t need a map or nothing. Just click the link and be on your merry way.

Now. When you do come over to my place, I’ll have some virtual desserts and punch set out. Remember what your mama taught you, folks. Don’t come on an empty stomach trying to gobble up everything in the vicinity. Alright? This is more about feeding your brain anyhow.

I’ll see you good folks around real soon. And shut the door tight on your way out. These flies ain’t no joke down south.

A Slut with Her Hand in Your Pocketbook

“Beatrice Jones” Copyright 2012 Totsymae

Are you at all surprised John Edwards’ chick on the side has written a tell-all book? Are you? Is this not the most predictable, yet lowdown and dirty acts that’s occured this year?

Look Rielle, I don’t typically do politics. I’m a National Hollywood Gossip Correspondent (NHGC). But then there’s you. I don’t know what category to put you in. You’re not a politician, or really, a professional woman for that matter. Tell the truth, you were a struggling artist, posing as a videographer who slept your way to getting connected with the fallen senator, right? You were trying to be the next Monica Lewinsky but John tripped  on his road to the White House when he fell between your legs, right?

Oh, I’m not judging. You’re the one who’s so-called ‘written the book.’ You’re the one who’s calling my attention to how low you are; therefore, I have every right to let you know what’s on my mind. Why can’t you leave well enough alone? There won’t be a movie. That just doesn’t happen with men who don’t make it to the White House. Why don’t you go somewhere and raise your child out of the limelight? You’ve taken enough tax dollars in the hotels you slept in with John and that costly lawsuit that was brought against him. Why can’t you simply go away like Monica Lewinsky did? Don’t you realize everytime we think of her, we think of Bill’s peter in her mouth under the oval desk? How do you want us to think of you, Rielle? Why are you bothering us and killing trees with a book? We, nor the trees, deserve that.

What I want you to do, Sweetie, is to go raise your daughter somewhere that nobody’s heard of you. Give her a chance to be the decent person you aren’t. Stop ramming it down our throats that you’re a homewrecker. Yes, I know it was John’s choice to cover up the affair and do the wild thing with you but this is a woman to woman conversation and I’m talking to you, Sweetie Pie. Do you have any redeeming qualities that I can leave my readers with? Have you ever thought of anyone besides yourself? I’m not buying you grocery by purchasing your book, Rielle. Just go off and live with Johnny, as you call him, and leave us alone. We already know what really happened and realize what you’re trying to do. You’re a slut out for quick bucks and I don’t know anyone’s who is remotely interested in reading this book you’ll be trying to pimp to us, okay? I sure hope I don’t, anyway.

As for you, John. I saw your little fake interview you and Elizabeth had with Oprah before she went off the air. However did you think you could get away with it, Johnny? Do you ever sit and ponder that question or was it that what Rielle had between her legs was so worth it?


Beatrice from Apt. 7B