I know. What does that sun have to do with anything I’m about to say? Absolutely nothing. Forgive me. I’m working on working on trying to blog again. This is a busy time for me. I know it sounds like I’m doing seasonal work akin to being a retail clerk on Black Friday or working the grill at Waffle House after church and whatnot but I tell you, folks. It really does feel like it.

The other day, I was so sore on account of sitting on my tusche and blogging with you folks for days at a time. I can say it’s your fault I was so outta shape and whatnot…Well, why don’t I go ahead and be honest. It was your fault. I’ve never really been in the blame game business. Though, for this, I’m not taking responsibility either. I’ve got enough responsibilities on me, so I’m passing the buck on this one.

You’ll be proud to know I’ve been productive. Productive doing what, you ask as you scratch your head. Well, about a week ago, I sat myself down to get my hair cut. As a result of not liking the cut, and don’t laugh folks, ’cause my esteem is wrapped up in it, but I’m wearing a full blown wig now. Sounds silly and so not me but it’s me. I have to tell you though. I don’t do too well with it by the end of the day. Soon as I feel I’ve driven far enough from work so no colleagues will see me, off comes the wig. Hell, my scalp’s itching now just to write this.

I’ve also been taking line dance classes with a group of senior citizens. You see, my mom teaches the class and I must tell you, while I don’t have two left feet, they do manage to get tangled up still, on occasion. It’s all good though. My memory of dance steps has always been real bad but I’ve got it going on, to be honest. I’m the youngest one there and I also have to add, the coolest.

I could go on and on about how my life is taking off and I’m on the radar for celebrity. Like, how I’m so on the move with this new wig and all but I’m not the bragging type.


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    • It sure does beat all. I couldn’t face myself in the mirror. Though, wearing this wig and all, I almost don’t recognize myself. I think I’m okay with that but I don’t know if that’s a good thing.


  1. Well you have managed to make me laugh once again. I have NO DOUBT that you ARE THE COOLEST one there even though I suspect your tongue was in your check when you wrote that.
    I understand about bad haircuts… I’ve had my share. You’ll get through it.
    You have been missed but it’s great to have you around still yet. Take care of yourself and don’t work too hard, ya hear?


    • See how hard I’ve been working? I forgot to title this post. I miss Beatrice and she is none too happy to be put on hold. But I keep telling her I’m not her boyfriend, or girlfriend for that matter and she needs to unbunch her panties and chill out. In the meantime., I’m eager for this hair of mine to grow to my buttocks. Yeah, I’m gonna take care and you do the same. Come back thisa way soon, ya hear…LoL!

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  2. Fixin’ the cut gotta be the first thing on the agenda my friend, there is nothing worse than a bad cut for a woman. Nothing I say. Wearin’ a wig during the heat of the summer, it is just wrong. I know, wig wearin’ for the fun of changing up our style choices, that is an entire different game, but havin’ to do so cause someone messed up our hair, no that is just wrong.

    Your mom teaching a line dance class, no that is fun. You going to same, that is either torture, or being a very good daughter. Either way, good on you.


    • It was a cut I chose that I thought would work for me. It didn’t. Not at all. Not even a little bit. I’m wearing the wig in the thick of summer and however difficult that is, I gotta be cool with that.

      Yeah, moms thinks she’s all that teaching me to dance and all. It’s kinda fun. I guess I’m an okay daughter. She might say that, I guess.


  3. I wish we could see you in all your wiggy glory. But short of that, I can imagine what a vision you are, cutting the rug and dancing the light fantastic. You are the coolest and you always make me laugh with your down home humor. Thanks, Tots!


    • Hmmm…I think I’ll pass on the wig viewing. It’s one of my many small tragedies as a southern belle. You’d probably laugh ’til tomorrow and I don’t want you to be aching to a point you’ve gotta call in sick to work. You’re welcome. 🙂


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